Protective services

Agency nomination not being always in the hands of our customers, we have been since many years growing in the protective services.

We provide owners, operators and charterers protective services on following basis:

  • Before the call: Preparation of the call with Masters & vessels’ operators teams ( port line up / docs to be prepared / restrictions etc. )
  • Appointment of the shippers / receivers /charterers’ agents
  • Collection of the PFDA from the shippers / receivers / charterers’ agents + checking / submitting to vessel’s operator for advance payment
  • Prefunding of shippers /receivers/charterers’ agents / Collection of FDA & settlement of balance with them.
  • During the call: Monitoring of the call with our local offices – prospects / follow up on O/BLS availability /daily update on operations/assistance to Master on board by our shipping clerks.
  • After the call: Collecting NOR/SOF + all relevant call documents