Ship Agency

Ship agency is our core business since the creation of the company. We do treat all type of vessels in the area we covered.

In France, we attend in average more than 1800 vessels per year where our Group through its affiliates is attending 4200 vessels per year.

Our teams are trained to treat all types of vessels ranging from but not limited to dry bulk vessels, tankers, LPGs / LNGs, cruise ships, RoRos, containers ships, Multipurpose vessels, barges…

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Husbandry services

In a time when port calls are more and more short, coordination of husbandry services are of outmost importance.

Pro-activity and flexibility plus a good set-up of local agencies allow to perform in time and in respect of our principals requirements.

With a selection of providers able to adapt themselves to any kind of request and thanks to the very good relations we have with local authorities (port authorities, customs, immigration…), our husbandry services cover:

  • Crew change
  • Cash to Master
  • Spares delivery
  • Provisions
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation

Protective services

Agency nomination not being always in the hands of our customers, we have been since many years growing in the protective services.

We provide owners, operators and charterers protective services on following basis:

  • Before the call: Preparation of the call with Masters & vessels’ operators teams ( port line up / docs to be prepared / restrictions etc. )
  • Appointment of the shippers / receivers /charterers’ agents
  • Collection of the PFDA from the shippers / receivers / charterers’ agents + checking / submitting to vessel’s operator for advance payment
  • Prefunding of shippers /receivers/charterers’ agents / Collection of FDA & settlement of balance with them.
  • During the call: Monitoring of the call with our local offices – prospects / follow up on O/BLS availability /daily update on operations/assistance to Master on board by our shipping clerks.
  • After the call: Collecting NOR/SOF + all relevant call documents

Hub agency

Thanks to our own network of agencies and to our worldwide partnership we are able to offer reliable and competitive Hub Agency services.

Our Hub team with our specialists per market (dry, cruise, tanker, breakbulk, heavy lifts, projects…) will then coordinate all aspects of your call through a unique point of entry dealing directly with selected local agencies.

Suez Canal transits

Agena Tramp is since more than 15 years acting as agent  for ships transiting in the Suez Canal. After some years using sub agencies working on our behalf, our Group decided to establish itself directly in Egypt.

Same was done in 2009 with the creation of AGT Egypt based both ends of the Canal at Port Saïd and Suez.

Even if our own agency is relatively young, our staff (20 employees) is made of professionals that have a proven experience of many years in the attendance of Suez Canal Transits.

AGT Egypt is continuous relation with the Suez Canal Authority allowing us to serve our customers at the best of their interests.

Sludge and slop removal

Agena Tramp through its affiliate SNRN (Société Nordique de Récupération et de Nettoyage) is arranging sludge and slops removal on river Seine ports.

Our team of professionals offers competitive solutions with licensed partners guaranting you safe, quick and qualified process.

Custom brokerage

Agena Tramp is registered as custom broker for all French ports and is thus able to arrange vessels’ clearance with experienced and registered staff.

We have access to all customs and ports software for a quick and efficient clearance of your vessels any time at any port.

Our deposits and gurantees toward the French Cutoms allow us a to be reliable and competitive solution for ship owners calling French ports.

Bunkers solutions

Bunkering in French ports is requiring a real expertise gathering pure shipping aspects but also a real knowledge on customs procedure.

Agena Tramp has developed since many years solutions dedicated to this specific market.