Dry Bulk

Dry Bulk is a demanding market where knowledge, experience and good sense are more than necessary.

The role of the ship agent is then crucial to make a successful call with all parties involved: charterers, receivers, stevedores, surveyors, masters and ship owners.

Agena Tramp is recognized as a specialist in this market where major trading houses and ship owners rely on us.

Liquid Bulk

The liquid bulk industry needs ship agents in line with the requirement of the market: professionalism, experience, availability, flexibility, network and accuracy.

We are conversant with all type of tankers: crude, CPP, vegoils, LPGs, LNGs, liquid fertilizers, chemicals…


Liner is one of the main activity of our mother company Naxco through its various liner agency affiliates.

Synergies with Agena Tramp are natural: our liner division is charge of all commercial and operational aspects where Agena Tramp is acting as pure ship agent organizing the call, coordinating with parties involved and reporting to our customers.

Our teams are totally conversant with the requirements of the liner industry and their tools: EDI, owners in house systems, dedicated reports…

Synergies go even further as we are also able to propose a full package including ship agency, vessels clearance and cargo clearance.

Our scope of business in the liner industry goes from containers, RoRos, Breakbulk, reefer vessels and car carriers.


The cruise market is itself a special market in the shipping industry. Since many years, Agena Tramp has been recognized as a real reliable agency for many cruise companies.

With the attractivity of the territory (Paris, Normandy, Brittany, the Atlantic coast and of course the French Riviera), France is a real appreciated destination.

With agencies in those main touristic areas, Agena Tramp is proud to be recognized as a reliable and efficient agency for lots of first class cruise companies.

In close links with cruise companies, we take in charge all the aspect of a cruise vessel call: costs estimation, berth bookings, crew and pax movements, coordination with shore excursions companies, immigration, customs, port authorities and local tourist offices.

Thanks to our branch offices in all the French territory and their local partnership with various selected suppliers, we always do our best to satisfy the requirements of the cruise companies.

Breakbulk / Heavy Lift / Project Cargo

Another market where the role of the agent is central. It’s not only making a vessel berth and satisfy the vessel needs but also make operations runs smoothly.

The coordination between the vessel, the stevedore, the shippers or receivers and the port authority is essential.

Understanding loading, discharging plans, shipment terms, checking restrictions (nautical, lifting, crane outreach, berth max weight allowance…), checking equipment availability (beams, shackles, slings, trailers…), making sure who’s in charge of lashing / unlashing and checking what can or cannot be done in port in regards of use of vessel’s crane and use of dockers are only few examples of the specificities of this market.

Over the years, Agena Tramp has been awarded with several BB, HL and project cargo calls enabling us to prove our know-how.

Defence / Navy Ships

Military ships demand accuracy, confidentiality and strict procedures together with capability to meet any requirement at any time in close links with officials.

In France, we maintain close relations with military ports, governmental entities and foreign embassies so that military calls are always done with state of the art manner.

Dry-dock / ship yards

With several dry-docks and ship yards on the main maritime routes, France is important country for ship repairs and ship building.

With calls that can last many days, the role of the ship agent is central. In close link with ship owners technical departments, dry-docks and ship yards, Agena Tramp has always been a partner of choice for all parties involved.

We can meet all possible requirements thanks again to our local expertise and experience in this specific market.